Saturday, April 24, 2010

Video Embedding Test- Kicka** music if it worked

Like the title says. Testing out an imbed.

If nothing else, an awesome song.

On topic, if you don't know of Boy Sets Fire, you should. Especially if you like the heavy stuff (this is soft for them). Or anti-white collar stuff.

What the heck, a few more links:

Unspoken Request (about a girl that was raped and nobody did anything)

(compassion) as skull fragments on the wall Best. Title. Ever.

My Life In the Knife Trade Emo crap. But they do it well. :)


  1. The embedding seems to work fine, and"

    Ooo. I like this.

    I think I'll need to get some of their stuff.

  2. You know me, Brad. If there's a good band no one's heard of it, I'll make them hear. Their lyrics really are good.